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Our Capabilities

We integrate our capabilities in advanced material technologies to enhance the performance of everyday products.

Our capabilities ensure that customers are getting the best advanced material technologies deployed on their latest products. With the guidance of our materials design experts we use novel computational models to create advanced materials in order to replace poorly performing unsustainable materials and overcome product feature roadblocks.

Product Road Mapping With Customers

Our customer’s journey begins with a product roadmap discussion to identify existing gaps across key performance features. These market leaders understand advanced materials are the building blocks needed to realize novel product features, alternatives for a lower environmental impact or a more sustainable supply chain.

Computational Material Design

Building on technology developed at MIT we tailor the functional, electrical, mechanical and magnetic properties of metal by engineering stable grain sizes at the atomic level to supercharge their properties and replace poorly performing unsustainable materials.

Electrochemistry and Process Development

XTALIC begins developing chemistry and processes to create our advanced materials once the team has identified the key performance indicators, explored existing solutions and modeled new materials. The technical team will iterate at a beaker level until the material meets the customers technical needs.

Rapid Product Level Testing

After the initial material composition shows performance we quickly scale our electrochemistry and process to provide advanced materials for product level testing. Additional iterations take place to ensure the material performance transfers to the targeted product level feature.

Scaling to High Volume Manufacturing

Using pilot scale equipment the technical experts scale and iterate for high-volume production using pilot lines within our labs. This phase addresses issues to enable a drop-in manufacturing processes across existing supply chains.

On-site Global Production Support

Our chemistry and processes drop into existing manufacturing facilities while our technical team provides on-site support through the remainder of production. This ensures that the advanced materials supplied by XTALIC maintain the proper performance throughout your product life cycle.

Our customer journey begins with identifying your product needs.

Learn How To Transform Your Products

LUNA® is one of the strongest highest temperature silver alloys in the world. As the automotive industry moves fleets from ICE to EV platforms the powertrain performance, safety, and reliability is provided through advanced electronic material technologies that enable a longer life and higher operating temperatures.

As smartphones shift to higher charging potentials and waterproofing claims, the USBC charging connector requires high performance advanced material technologies. XTRONIC® is a cornerstone for more than 2 billion smartphones that have fast charge waterproof features. These solutions are being explored across new applications as the world moves to electrify bikes, medical devices, and wearables.

As electronics move from our smartphone to our bodies through wearable or medical devices the materials used are required to be safer. LUNA® enables the removal of nickel from charging contacts while XTALIUM enables nickel free magnet solutions.

XTRONIC® has saved datacenter OEMS more than $100m in gold and 78 Million Kg of CO2. By replacing precious metals in electronics XTALIC is able to get you closer to meeting your ESG and sustainability goals. Today precious metal reduction is being explored across consumer devices using our advanced material design platform based on computational models from the labs at MIT.

Our technology enhances your products at the atomic level.