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Our Applications

Transform your products with our nanostructured materials.

Xtalic materials can unlock your product’s next level of performance. Our technology fundamentally changes your product’s value proposition — generating a more significant competitive advantage and additional revenue for your business. While our solutions can represent a fraction of your product’s total cost of materials, they can generate substantial enhancements in value and performance.

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Advanced materials design is becoming the key building blocks for the next generation of vehicles as powertrains push to electrify, miniaturize and create sustainable high performance features.

Waterproof Smartphones

XTRONIC® is at the cornerstone of providing more than 2 billion waterproof smartphones with a durable long lasting charging connection.

Data Communications

XTRONIC® eliminated $178 Million in gold and 78 Million kg of CO2 across 60% of your daily high-speed internet over the past decade.

Safe Wearables

Safe hypoallergenic materials need to replace legacy solutions as electronics move from smartphones in our pockets to eyewear, watches and other wearables.