Waterproof Smartphones

Mobile devices are at constant risk from exposure to wetness — from spilled liquids or sweat. Corrosion protection for the smartphone charging connector is a crucial feature for waterproof devices. While gaskets protect the interior, metallic contacts in the charging connector exposed to liquids can quickly corrode — leaving the device unable to charge. As device users demand faster-charging capabilities, this issue becomes more acute.

Our Performance

Xtalic uses proprietary alloys and multilayer coatings to protect mobile device connectors from corrosion. When compared to standard gold or equivalent products, our solutions can extend the life of smartphones by up to 30 times when exposed to insertion cycles and powered immersion corrosion. The figures below compare the troublesome performance of an industry-standard stack for flagship devices with the dramatic benefits resulting from Xtalic’s XTRONIC® stack.

Immersion Corrosion (Artificial Perspiration @ 5 Volts) + Durability

Industry Standard
0.75μm Au/Ni

2 cycles = Corrosion breakthrough to substrate
5 cycles = Significant corrosion and wear damage to VBUS pins

Patented Xtalic Stack

45 cycles = No corrosion or wear damage to VBUS pins

Our Alloys

XTRONIC® is the cornerstone of Xtalic’s patented stack solutions. Today, Xtalic coatings are protecting more than one billion smartphones from corrosion-based charging failures — and are in mass production with more than half of the top ten consumer electronic OEMs. Our patented stacks provide our customers with increased stability —  starting with a proven barrier layer with strong wear performance as shown below.

Contact Profiles After 10K Mating Cycles

Industry Standard .75μm Au/NiS:
Heavy wear is seen at the interface.

.75μm Au/XTRONIC®:
Minimal wear is seen at the interface.

Our Approach

Due to the demand for increased performance in charging speeds, Xtalic has developed a more holistic approach to meet this industry’s challenges. Our engineering team combined our ability to create stacked solutions and expertise in materials fundamental testing with new behavior modeling and proprietary rapid test cycling methods that mimic real-life use. The result: Quick design changes that provide our customers with an opportunity to achieve a balance between performance and price that fit their product needs.

Behavior Modeling

Stack Design Options