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Safe Wearables

 Safe hypoallergenic materials need to replace legacy solutions as electronics move from smartphones in our pockets to eyewear, watches and other wearables.

Nickel leaching onto skin causes more than 10% of the population contact dermatitis. XTALIC’s LUNA® provides the critical protective diffusion barrier layer needed to provide durable electronic connections without the use of nickel. As more materials undergo pressure by regulations, new advanced materials can be developed using XTALIC’s proven advanced material design platform based on computational models from the labs at MIT.

Nickel is a key electronic material but it can cause skin issues when moved to wearable devices.

LUNA’s diffusion properties enable nickel removal from key charging contacts. 

LUNA solutions pass key test requirements for wearable electronics.

Learn How To Transform Your Products

LUNA® is one of the strongest, highest temperature silver alloys in the world. As the automotive industry moves fleets from ICE to EV platforms, the powertrain performance, safety, and reliability is provided through advanced electronic material technologies that enable a longer life and higher operating temperatures.

As smartphones shift to higher charging potentials and waterproofing claims, the USBC charging connector requires high performance advanced material technologies. XTRONIC® is a cornerstone for more than 2 billion smartphones that have fast charge waterproof features. These solutions are being explored across new applications as the world moves to electrify bikes, medical devices, and wearables.

XTRONIC® has saved datacenter OEMS more than $178 Million in gold and 78 Million Kg of CO2. By replacing precious metals in electronics, XTALIC is able to get you closer to meeting your ESG and sustainability goals. Today precious metal reduction is being explored across consumer devices using our advanced material design platform based on computational models from the labs at MIT.