Safe Wearables

With  an unrelenting growth in the popularity of wearable devices, manufacturers are continually searching for ways to improve their safety. Most devices have exposed metal pads for charging, which exposes users with nickel allergies to possible risk.

To solve this problem, Xtalic uses LUNA® to create a durable, corrosion-resistant, nickel-free contact surface.

Our Technology – LUNA®  As An Effective Cu Diffusion Barrier

LUNA Versus Standard Silver Interdiffusion Performance

Gold and silver are traditionally used as final finish contact materials due to their stable electrical contact performance. Copper base metal diffusion through the final finish can lead to deterioration of performance. Typically a nickel barrier layer is used to protect these final finishes from interdiffusion. LUNA® is particularly stable when plated over copper with an extremely low interdiffusion rate. Therefore, it can be plated directly on the copper without concerns for copper diffusion and will maintain the low-level contact resistance properties required for a superior final finish.

Our Performance

LUNA® stacks provide up to ten times the life in powered immersion corrosion environments, passes typical Pogo Pin connector requirements for wearables, and provides strong adhesion for crimping processes.

Standard Wearable Interconnect Test Suite

No delamination post twice 90º manual crimp test.

No visual corrosion after 48-hour neutral salt spray test.