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Technology thought-leaders will gather in Washington, D.C. this week to take a deep dive into the cutting edge materials science that is used to improve fuel economy in automobiles. Xtalic will present our work entitled High-Strength Electroformed Nanostructured Aluminum for Lightweight Automotive Applications. This work is part of a $5M research award from the United States Department of Energy in which Xtalic is the primary participant. One of our research partners, Chrysler/FCA, has identified the door side impact beam, which is a strength limited structural safety component, as an exemplary opportunity for lightweighting. Xtalic technology is being developed to electroform 1mm thick sheets of ultrastrong nano-Al alloys, ideal for this type of application.

Dr. Robert Hilty, Xtalic VP of Research and Development, will present the Xtalic technology on June 8th at the Department of Energy Annual Merit Review (AMR website).