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MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, May 17, 2016 — Xtalic will showcase existing and developing technologies at the 27th AeroMat Conference and Exposition. During this world leading aerospace materials conference, we will present the fundamental technology on which the Xtalic product portfolio is based. Conference attendees will see some of our new manufacturing approaches, which enable super-lightweight materials.

Rose Roy, Materials Engineer at Xtalic, will present an overview of the nanotechnology science used to design and control grain size in Xtalic metallic materials.  This talk will also highlight the approach we have taken to produce unusually strong and lightweight aluminum alloys made by electroplating.  These materials enable fuel savings and weight reduction in transportation systems.

Bob Hilty, VP Research and Development, will present an alternate manufacturing process that leverages electroforming to enable complex and lightweight shapes.  Electroforming is a plating process which can be used to make relatively thick layers (1mm) that are particularly strong due to the nanostructured materials Xtalic develops.

AeroMat 2016 is an ASM materials event and will be held May 23-26 in Seattle, Washington.