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Proven Disruptive Technology

Xtalic is the trusted advisor in breakthrough material solutions.

Our nanostructured metal alloys are saving more than one billion smartphones from corrosion-based charging failures, and tens of millions of dollars in precious metal cost across more than ten billion backplane contacts. More than half of the top ten consumer electronic OEMs, and more than thirty top enterprise backplane server customers, trust Xtalic nanostructured alloys to protect their most critical connections.

Learn How Xtalic Can Transform Your Products

Xtalic leverages a patented rapid alloy design platform — based on a scientific breakthrough in thermodynamics — to commercialize stable nanostructured metal alloys. Our patented alloys unlock the next level of our customers’ product performance while maintaining safety, price, and environmental goals.

Waterproof Smartphones

Our patented alloys and multilayer coatings protect mobile device connectors from corrosion.

Precious Metal Reduction

We design interconnect contact surface solutions that deliver equivalent or better performance while providing a lower precious metal expense.

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Our nanostructured materials significantly enhance the temperature range and durability of electric vehicle interconnects.

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