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MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, March 6, 2018 — Robert Hilty, PhD, VP of Research and Development at Xtalic will present data that demonstrates Al-X coatings have significantly improved pitting potentials and salt spray performance, as compared to the base high-strength wrought Al and Mg alloys. Further, the targeted nanostructure of these new alloys provides improved strength and hardness to the coating, imparting durability and wear resistance, which makes them ideal coatings for harsh environments.

Aerospace and transportation industries continue to show significant interest in lightweight and strong structural materials. A number of newly developed aluminum and magnesium alloys are emerging as viable materials options, due to their unique functional properties. However, their susceptibility to corrosion continues to be a limiting factor in widespread implementation. A coating solution to mitigate the corrosion issues associated with these materials has been developed using the electrodeposition of thermodynamically stable single phase nanostructured Al-X (X = Mn,Zr,Cr) alloys.

Attend the Presentation: Nanostructured Al-Alloy Coatings for Corrosion Protection of High-Strength Al- and Mg-Alloys

Symposium: Session II – Surface Engineering for Improved Corrosion Resistance at TMS 2018
Location: Phoenix Convention Center – Room 227A
Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Time: 8:30 AM MST /11:30 AM EDT
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About Xtalic

Founded in 2005, Xtalic develops and commercializes the revolutionary ability to engineer stable metal alloys at the nano scale. We model the behavior of these alloys in multilayer coatings and rapidly optimize these multilayer coatings for key attributes that include corrosion, durability and strength. Our founders have deep roots in material science technology. Professor Chris Schuh, Chief Scientist at Xtalic, serves as Head of the Materials Science Department at MIT; and Dr. Alan Lund, CTO at Xtalic, founded our company while at MIT.

Our alloys, which include XTRONIC® and LUNA®, have been broadly adopted in mobile and enterprise electronics applications; and have been approved and deployed by more than thirty leading electronics firms. Our proprietary corrosion resistant multilayer coatings, which include IC Plus™ and IC Max™, are under test with over half of the top mobile device manufacturers worldwide. We continue to pursue partnerships to create new alloys that can make products reach the next level of performance, extend the lifetime of materials, and reduce costs.

Xtalic has headquarters located in Marlborough, Massachusetts with technical and sales support located in China.