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Xtalic Nanostructured Alloys are Helping EV Automotive Suppliers and Manufacturers Meet Mission Critical Material Challenges

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MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS, USA — April 16, 2019 — New custom stable nanostructured metal alloys and coatings designed and commercialized by Xtalic Corporation are assisting electric vehicle (EV) suppliers and manufacturers (OEMs) to meet mission-critical materials challenges — including extending the life of charging connectors, producing stable components for high temperature environments, lightweighting, and improving corrosion resistance.

“EV suppliers are designing next-generation components that require the hardness, strength, corrosion resistance, and durability that traditional materials cannot provide,” said Tom Clay, Xtalic’s chief executive officer. “Utilizing our proprietary Dynamic Nanostructure Control® and patented Rapid Alloy Design toolkits, we are creating breakthrough alloys and coatings that meet the specific challenges of each application — and deliver a solution at the desired level of performance, economy, and environmental responsibility.”

EV Charger Connector Life: Replacing traditional silver-over-nickel-over-copper connector contacts with Xtalic’s nanostructured alloys, XTRONIC® and LUNA®, significantly enhances the contacts’ hardness, durability, and corrosion resistance — to the point of achieving more than 10,000 charge cycles in high normal force applications under real life non-ideal environmental conditions.

Over the past several years, Xtalic has been working on a similar application with seven of the top 10 OEMs in the smartphone industry that is extending the life of charging connectors in quick-charge waterproof smartphones by up to 30 times.

Interconnect and Component Safe Operating Temperature: At elevated temperatures, conventional materials in high-power interconnects and components lose properties required for safe operation, and risk corrosion and wear damage. In contrast, Xtalic’s alloys maintain critical properties: LUNA® enables operation at temperatures higher than 200° C for extended time periods. XTRONIC® and XTALIUM™ provide a step change in temperature stability over traditional nickel and aluminum materials.

Component Weight and Corrosion-Resistance: Replacing traditional, heavier materials used in components with lower-cost, lighter-weight magnesium enhanced with a nanostructured coating of XTALIUMincreases durability and corrosion resistance.

The use of XTALIUM provides corrosion-resistance and enhances the performance of space constrained rare earth magnets as well.

At the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe

For more information, visit Xtalic Corporation at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe in Stand 109, May 7-9, 2019, in Stuttgart, Germany.

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