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Higher performing, lower cost replacement for gold on electrical contact surfaces

MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, February 16, 2016 — Xtalic is presenting LUNA®, a new nanostructured metal alloy that outperforms gold as a contact finish on connectors to deliver significant savings. LUNA meets all critical performance standards for a contact finish, including EIA 364 and other standards, and significantly outperforms gold in challenging immersion corrosion environments.

The charging/data port is a key vulnerability to a complete waterproofing strategy for mobile devices. Charging and data transmission requires a corrosion-free conductive contact surface. Exposure of the plug or the port to any liquid, especially human perspiration, can lead to rapid corrosion when the device is charging.

As devices convert to the USBc standard, which allows for higher power for faster charging, this problem becomes more acute. The corrosion is accelerated and devices can fail faster. LUNA® is engineered to perform in this very challenging environment and can last more than 50 times longer than traditional gold finishes.


About Xtalic

Xtalic, founded in 2005, develops and commercializes the revolutionary ability to engineer metal alloys at the Nano-scale and create tailored, stable alloys with valuable new properties. Our alloys have been broadly adopted in mobile and enterprise electronics applications, have been approved and deployed by more than twenty leading electronics firms, and are in use in more than 7 billion contacts worldwide. Xtalic operates globally and expects to double their manufacturing footprint in Asia during 2016. For more information please visit

Mobile World Congress

Xtalic will be exhibiting at booth 5K31 this month during Mobile World Congress.

Please contact to secure a meeting.

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Robert Legg
Director of Product Management and Marketing