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MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, January 4, 2016 — Xtalic will be displaying some exciting technologies at Mobile World Congress this year including a breakthrough material that enables mobile and wearable devices to achieve a higher degree of water proofing and corrosion resistance in challenging environments. This new versatile product is called LUNA and also has the ability to replace gold as a final finish and provide nickel free plating solutions.

Xtalic will also be presenting XTRONIC, our landmark solution for high performance and precious metal reduction in contact finishes. XTRONIC is able to reduce connector gold usage by two thirds while maintaining durability. Due to the success of these products in the mobile and connector markets, we will be doubling our manufacturing footprint in Asia during 2016.

The R&D team continues to develop novel alloys with partners and will be displaying a strong lightweight aluminum alloys in our exhibit. We welcome you to stop by and talk to the team if you’re interested in removing nickel from components, have the need to waterproofing your products, or are looking for a partner to solve high value industry problems with novel metallurgy technology.

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