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Xtalic Nanostructured Nickel-Gold Alloy

Our new patented, nanostructured nickel-gold (Ni-Au) alloy is specifically designed for use in the manufacture of crucial electrical contacts where high conductivity and strength must be maintained at elevated temperatures.

The new nickel-gold alloy is ideal for fine pitch interconnects that require superior strength, durability, and conductivity while being exposed to high temperatures. Features include:

  • Strength up to 2,000 MPa
  • Resistivity down to 12 µΩ-cm
  • More than 1,000 MPa fatigue life at temperatures up to 400oC

Xtalic nickel-gold alloy uses a small amount of gold to control the nickel grain size, create a thermodynamically stable super-saturated solid solution, and find the optimal balance of electrical and mechanical properties. The alloy fulfills the need for high-current-carrying miniaturized electrical contacts in applications throughout the consumer electronic, automotive, and semiconductor industries.

The result is a new nanostructured nickel-gold alloy that enables fine-pitch interconnects to carry more current…

… while maintaining strength at higher temperatures.

Put Xtalic to work with your designers to custom-tailor nickel-gold properties to meet your specific challenges across a variety of other applications — delivered in rapid turn-around and economically — by leveraging our Dynamic Nanostructure Control® and patented Rapid Alloy Design toolkits.