Our Solutions

Xtalic materials add value to customers’ products by increasing hardness, corrosion resistance, temperature stability, strength, and other properties to address the following product challenges:

Product life extension

Xtalic materials help manufacturers extend the lives of their products through corrosion resistance and precious metal reduction. These applications include waterproofing smartphones, reducing the gold content in enterprise server connectors, and achieving a 40X wear improvement in electric vehicle charger connectors.

Environmental impact

Manufacturers are continuously striving to reduce their products’ impact on the environment. Xtalic supports these goals by providing solutions that replace hazardous materials and enable recyclability. For example, aircraft-grade 7000 series aluminum, which cannot be recycled, can be replaced with a 6000 series aluminum alloy that is coated with XTALIUM to provide the same performance, but is fully recyclable.


Customers continuously improve the performance of features that truly differentiate their products. For example, consumer electronics manufacturers are continuously seeking better audio, battery, and camera performance. Xtalic is improving the performance of space-constrained magnets in mobile devices.


Xtalic products enable the use of lighter-weight materials that improve fuel efficiency in transportation applications. In automotive vehicles, parts made of magnesium — the world’s lightest metal — are coated with XTALIUM alloy. The result: lightweight parts that look and act like aluminum with substantial corrosion protection.


With the popularity of hearable and wearable devices growing, manufacturers are searching for ways to improve their safety. That work includes removing materials that are harmful to humans. Xtalic products are replacing the nickel and gold found in the devices’ electrical contacts. Our nickel-free coating is hypoallergenic and can eliminate the high cost of gold.

Future products and features

Next-generation products will require materials that do not exist today. Xtalic can create and engineer solutions that support features previously unavailable with present materials. If your firm faces an opportunity that can be realized through greater metal or metal coatings performance, please contact us.