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Precious Metal Reduction

Xtalic designs interconnect contact surface solutions that deliver equivalent or better performance while lowering precious metal costs. Gold is commonly used on connectors to provide a low-resistance, stable electrical connection. A nickel barrier layer is used to provide corrosion protection to improve durability and prevent interdiffusion between the gold and copper connections. When introduced as a barrier layer, XTRONIC®, is both a more corrosion- and wear-resistant solution, allowing the use of less gold at the contact interface.

Our Performance

XTRONIC®, our wear-resistant nanostructured alloy,  provides excellent substrate protection. In high-performance applications, XTRONIC® enables our customers to use less precious metal — for savings of up to 40%. XTRONIC® passes the testing according to Telcordia GR-1217-core Central Office qualification requirements. Below: XTRONIC® outperforms the standard barrier layer in terms of both corrosion and wear.

Barrier Layer Porosity and Corrosion Test: 75-minute Nitric Acid Vapor Test

As-plated Industry Standard .75μm Au/1.5μm NiS:

Before NAV exposure.

Industry Standard .75μm Au/1.5μm NiS:
Heavy corrosion due to porosity in the barrier layer.

.25μm Au/.75μm XTRONIC®:
Minimal discoloration, low porosity & high corrosion resistance.

Contact Profiles After 10K Mating Cycles

Industry Standard .75μm Au/NiS:
Heavy wear is seen at the interface.

.75μm Au/XTRONIC®:
Minimal wear is seen at the interface.