Sustainable Lightweighting

Lightweighting is a major OEM focus across a variety of applications. Both automotive and aerospace lightweighting solutions focus on fuel efficiency or cost of operation and ownership. The use of aluminum alloys provided a significant step-change from traditional steel. Today carbon fiber, high-end steel alloys, and mixed metal composites compete against aluminum, but the market is looking for the next generation solution that provides the next-step change.

Our Approach

XTALIUM® is a suite of stable nanostructured aluminum alloys that combines the strength of steel with the weight of aluminum. XTALIUM® can be electroformed into 1mm-thick complex shapes. Or, it can be more traditionally applied as a coating to aluminum, magnesium, and other substrate materials to improve corrosion and durability protection. The chart at left provides insight into the XTALIUM® nanostructured Aluminum-Manganese (Al−Mn) alloy strength to weight properties when compared to other typical solutions. As shown, XTALIUM® differentiates itself through corrosion performance and the ability for its application as a coating — enabling lower grades of aluminum to be used — and by protecting the use of magnesium and other corrosion-prone materials while mating seamlessly to aluminum.

Our Corrosion Performance

Whether XTALIUM® is used to protect the surface of a lower-grade aluminum, protect magnesium, or is required to mate dissimilar materials together, corrosion protection is a crucial component to its success.

3000 hour B117 Neutral Salt Spray Test Results

AA 6061

Shallow but broad pitting.

Pure Aluminum Electroplated on AA6061

Vertical pitting.

XTALIUM® Electroplated on AA6061

No pitting or evidence of corrosion.

Our Alloys

XTALIUM® is a suite of stable nanostructured aluminum alloys that utilizes different elements to control the grain sizes and provide tailored solutions to a multitude of applications.

Hardness vs. Composition

The image to the right shows three different nanostructured alloys, the difference in properties, and the ability to tailor the hardness by adjusting the alloy mix.

XTALIUM® Microstructure

Electron diffraction patterns.

HRTEM with a dual phase structure & amorphous content.

Bright field TEM shows the grain size distribution.